June Penny’s Review on UniWigs 6″*7″ Julie Human Hair Topper

Two weeks ago, the Hair Topper Guru on the Youtube, June Penny, has made a review video on UniWigs Newly Designed Hair Topper, Julie Silk Part Human Hair Topper.

UniWigs Julie Hair Topper is a Silk Part Human Hair Topper with 6″ * 7” Silk Base, which specially designed for the ladies wearing the hair topper during the hot summer time. This Silk Topper features a Hand Tied Perforated Base, very Unique and Innovative, which can make the whole topper more breathable and light-weighted.

In the Review Video, what June Penny like the most about this Julie Hair Topper is the Silk Part. June has also made a comparison between the UniWigs Charleigh Lace Topper and this Julie Silk Part Hair Topper. From the Vidoe Camera, You can clearly tell the big difference between these two topper concerning the natural looking of the hair part. Yes, the Silk Part can create the most realistic hair parting, which no one can tell, even with the Camera Zoom in.

But for topper wearers, they will know one problem of this Silk Topper is its breathability due to its triple layers construction. But with UniWigs’ Innovative Design, the Julie Silk Part Hair Topper combine the Silk Part with a Hand Tied Perforated Base, which make the whole topper super breathable and light-weighted. June Penny has mentioned several times in the video that this Julie Silk Part Hair Topper is so far her Favorite Hair Topper.

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