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How to Connect Wig Clips

Wig clips are small combs that are used to secure wigs, toupees and hairpieces to existing hair. If you are looking for the convenience of being able to freely take on and take off your wig or toupee, wig clips are a viable solution. Wig clips can be used alone to secure a wig, or they can be used in conjunction with adhesive or tape. Read More →

The general questions about the hair textures

The texture is the most important point which affect the quality of the hair products beacause it is visualable to others and the first senses to others. And may people have some questions about the texture problems. The first one the users of the hair products may ask is could we change the hair texture such as change straight to wave texture or others, the Read More →

Regan Synthetic Wrap-around Ponytail

How to use ponytail extension

A ponytail hair extension can add versatility to your hairstyles. Most “ponys” are attached to your hair with two or more clip-in combs and may include a hidden drawstring for added security. Those made with human hair tend to be more expensive, but allow greater options in styling than those created with synthetic fibers. Both the color and the texture of the ponytail extension should Read More →


The Benefits of Wearing Hair Weaves

There was a time when celebrities were the only women who wore — or could afford to wear — hair weaves. Back then, the fact that the hair on their heads didn’t actually grow out of their scalps was a hush-hush affair. Not anymore! Today, many women experiment with hair additions in every length, color and texture. Instead of simply being a way to add Read More →