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What to do about hair loss?

With the fast pace of life and stress of work, more and more people are facing the reality of hair loss. Hair loss is a common disease which can be cause by diet, moods and pathology. What can we do about preventing or controlling this condition. Here are some tips to following. Tip 1: Give up smoking and drying out. Smoking can make the blood Read More →


A Real Talk For Hair Loss

A Hair Loss story from UniWigs Customer: “Okay, so I have been living with Alopecia Areata for quite some time now (roughly 4 years) and it has recently gotten to the point where the patches are no longer easily hidden. A majority of the right hand side of the back of my head is gone, and I’ve lost a section in the front where I Read More →

thinning hair solutions for females

hair loss what to do for women

If you are suffer from hair loss, don’t worry, you are not alone. Also hair loss is really not a big problem now, especial when you just have thinning hair problem. At the beginning of hair loss stage, hair loss starts with a diffused pattern at front hair line or the middle parting line. Most ladies suffering from this stage of hair loss will need Read More →


Health Cause of Hair Loss that you should know

It is true that genetics, stress, use of chemical-based hair products, heating tools for hair styling, a poor diet, exposure to harsh climatic conditions and improper hair care can all cause extensive shedding of strands. But sometimes hair shedding is due to an underlying health problem. Once the health issue is addressed, the problem of excess hair loss usually resolves on its own. 1. Alopecia Read More →